ESB paint stencils?

Is there anyone who makes/sells templates/stencils of all the scratches etc in an ESB paint scheme that are already cut out and ready to be "attached" to the helmet? (Sorry if I'm not entirely clear?)
I've seen some great stencils on this forum before, but I was just wondering if anyone sells them ready to go..


And Merry Christmas everyone! :cheers
Yep, I knew about them, I was actually referring to them; I just wondered whether somebody maybe printed these out with all the forms already cut out or something.. ? So one could just put it on the helmet and paint..
Maybe this has been posted before, but I was thinking about printing all the stencils on clear decal paper. That way one would just have to cut it out roughly around the outlines, stick it on the helmet and paint. Kinda like a paint by numbers (at least I think it's called that way?:) ).
Could be a lot easier than cutting everything out with an x-acto knife I think..
What do you guys think? Good idea? Or has this been done before? (In that case sorry for repeating)
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