ESB JetPack beacon light right? or left?

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Hey guys I've been talking to Frank from england. Great guy his been really working on the lighting sequence style for the esb light.
Now I know to some of you probably both of these are wrong. But just humor me for a bit here :lol:
Which one would you go with?
I am more partial to the one on the left.

Here is the clip of both lights

here is a clip from ESB.

edit: I meant left! DOH!
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I don't think it blinks at all, really. In the scene on the star destroyer, when he's standing still, you can see the light bouncing off the wall and it is consistent, no blinking. I think in the scene you posted, his movement is having an effect that looks like slight fading/blinking.

Yeah I don't think the light blinks at all, but if it did, the one on the left looks like it would be the closest. Though I like the one on the right better.
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Sorry, I´m trying to hijack yout thread but... Anyone knows what kind of light was used in the real one ??? Big bulb light, big led ?

EDIT: spelling :p
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