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Boba Freekk

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im just curious as to what "in can" color are you guys using for the cheek area.i remember it was covered sometime before but i cant seem to find the post:(

i beleive someone mentioned a charcoal grey or black but i cant seem to remember.:rolleyes
I used an out of the bottle 'charcoal' acrylic paint. I brush it on, it's not perfect but it doesn't look too bad.


Thanks Fabrizio :)

It doesn't look too bad in pictures, but the detail is really pretty bad in my opinion. I hope to take my time and do a much better job with my next helmet :)

How's your costume coming along?

Looks pretty cool JMP. I sympathize w/ your low opinion of your own detailing. Even if someone else says my helm looks great, I always seem to think I can do better! Anyway, Thats a sweet lookin helm none the less!
Hey JMP that is one pretty sweet lookin helmet did anyone else use any different colors.

JMP did you happen to see that slick motha StrongBad this week.
Hey Freek, no sweat, sorry I didn't mean to hijack the thread lol.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I really hope the next one will have more crisp and detailed damage than this one, it came out more splotched and sloppy in my opinion.

If anyone is interested the black-smeary stuff is charcoal pencil. I use an x-acto knife to scrape off very small flecks in different quantities, then just smear. Looks great for blast damage and scoring.

Ok, I know people out there have found far closer colors than mine, they should chime in here :)

Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

p.s., I liked the SB email the other day. I think I like Trogdor and 20X6 the best of the recent ones :)
I would imagine if you clear coated the charcoal weathering it would be permanently sealed.

Nice work, Philsey!! Your helmet has improved quite a bit over first one. Will the third one be the charm?
Hey thanks TD! It will be an improvement to be sure, whether or not it will be the proverbial 'charm' remains to be seen ;)

The charcoal is relatively permanent on its own so long as you don't get it wet. Water will take it right off. Otherwise it doesn't really need to be sealed (it will rub onto your hands without really wiping off the helmet). In retrospect I guess sealing it wouldn't be a bad idea ;)

I plan to use it with my next helmet, but since I don't really need it done until July (COMIC-CON!!!) I plan to take my time on it.

Thanks for the support, I feel pretty crappy about hijacking this thread :(

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