ESB Gauntlets - Differences from RoTJ and where to get?

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There is also a little red button on the inside portion of the right gauntlet on the ESB the prepro version it is white, this is most offten missed:]
It's me....again...

As the title said, what are the differences between the ESB and the ROTJ gauntlets, and where the heck can I get ESB ones?

Thanks again!
I'm going to be assembling mine shortly over the next few weeks,and then disassembling them for paint work.

Basically all three suits had different left gauntlets with respect to the side.


ESB has three rods in varying length connected with at least two "L" brackets to the gauntlet.Each rod has a wire running into the rear of the gauntlet via.access hole.The wires are WHITE,RED ,BLACK .Dental expander,calc.pad.I bought a 1/4" aluminum rod today,and have to make a plumbing list to go back,and get the different 1/4" brass fittings that look like the original.The best reference is in the Action Figure Archive for sure.

ROTJ has the long box with the double laser on the end,and to momentary push buttons.Dental expander/calc. pad.

Pre-Pro. has the flame thrower,not sure about the dental expander,but it has the calc. pad.


ESB two toggle swithes Red/Green LED's ,darts,etc.

ROTJ same (I think) and it has two brass fittings on the rear flange connecting the piping up the sleeve.

Pre-Pro not sure enough to speculate,I'll have to check my refs.and check back.

Hope this helps.

Steve :)
Ok this has probably been discussed before. Shouldn't a ROTJ right gauntlet be easily converted to an ESB one? The differences besides color are: a few toggle switches, a white square button on the inbord side (by the darts) where it has the side indent, absence of the two AN line fittings plus the line below the whip cord "box", the side of the whip cord box only extend 1/4 out vs.. 1/2-3/4 in in ROTJ.
With that can an ROTJ gaunt be easily converted?
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i would like to know too.i havent started on my gauntets but it would be helpfull to know in advance.
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The base gauntlets, aside from the greeblies and flamethrower add-ons, are the same in both films. It's just the greeblies that essentially makes them different.
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