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Finally got myself the ESb Collector's magazine and scanned in the b/w pic of Boba parts and thought I would share my initial findings...


1. Looks like the knees were vacuformed. I know there has been some question about this. I am not a vac wizard and I don't even know if this is possible but I wonder if the knees were vacced in one solid, flat piece then reheated and carefully wrapped around a cylinderical object... Just a thought.

2. Here you can see the bolts that go through the vest to hold the armor on. :) Glad to finally get pics of those!!!

3. Well at least the lower halves of the ESb era gauntlets were vacced. One more mystery out of the way. :)

4. What the hell is this? Doesn't look like a Fett piece but it sure looks neat. Looks like some sort of tip on the end of a rod.... Immediately makes me think of the dewback prod but this is ESb not ANH...
I'm glad you were finally able to get a copy of that, Brak's. I'm also sorry that I wasn't of more help with mine :( . I just couldn't figure out how to do the dpi conversion you needed. Anyway, looks like everything turned out ok.
Man I love that photo. ESB pieces in the NUDE, er raw. I have to say I also thought that number 4 was some sort of diagram or drawning. My first impression is that of a belt through a buckle of some sort. In the one spot, it looks like "curve" a belt would make as you pass it through the buckle. But I really have no idea...
Maybe it's just me but . . . my impression of 4 was, well, something flat, like a drawing but . . almost looks like the shape of the "belt" that comes out from the backplate, and that trapezoidal design as the wire on the end of it that hooks into the jet pack.

Yeah, I know that makes no sense, I'll find the pic on the RefCD that explains it! :) hahaha

...OR possibly a pre-pro conceptual drawing of the j/p beacon detail. Notice in the truncation, that it is convex. the outer curves seem to be free-handed, and poorly at that.
BB your attention to detail is awesome I never would have noticed that knee armor in the back. But since you pointed it out I think it kind of looks like its just sitting against a round object and not part of it. But your the master so who am I to say. And object 4 does look like a diagram to me too.
I thought it was decided that the armor was held on by snaps? What's with the bolts? I agree also it looks like a diagram. Shaped suspiciously like a jet pack beacon
Actually, if you look at the knee armor in the background that looks like it is wrapped around a round object, it is actually another knee piece behind the first one. the front knee is upside down while the back one is right side up.
whats the deal with that suspicious lookin dent on one of the 3P0 masks. I thought that was someone else's trademark.
MMM, thanks for the help you id give. I finally just got off my lazy butt and got myself the collectors mag.

BTW, guys, sorry, I wasn't very clear. Yes, I know the 4 is just a sketch but of what? I think you guys have come up with some pretty interesting theories.

BudgetBoba, I see what you are saying about the knee plate possibly being two but I have to disagree. I think that is a single knee that hasn't been trimmed yet, but who knows?
Well Braks, I'm not trying to start trouble, but this is my reasoning on the knee armor. for two knee armor pieces to be stacked like i suggested they were, they would have to be two of the same knee. If you look on the other side of the stormtrooper helmet you can see two of the same side knee armor pieces, one in front of the other. I t would make sense if they had two sets of one side of knee armor made up, they would have two of the other side made up at the same time, thus why i think that on the other side of the trooper helmet there are two knee pieces stacked. If that didnt make sense just let me know either here in the thread or by PM. Later, Andrew
Although it's not the pic I was thinking of . . . what do you think about this, the strap that comes out of the backplate to attach to the jet pack.

jet pack.jpg

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