ESB Boba V1.0


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Just finished redoing my chest and a few minor torso parts. Let me know what you think.








I'd have to check the ESB ref pics, but on RotJ suits, the top of the shoulder bells should be even with the top of the chest armor.
I think it looks AWESOME!! One other critique...the right shoulder should be more of an orangish compared to the left shoulder which is definitely lighter...leaning more towards the yellow.I used the UP Armor Yellow on my knees and shoulders and I misted the "Milwaukee road orange" a bit on my right shoulder and knees and it looks perfect!

Can't wait to see your finished product:)

I think I've got over 500 hours into the painting of my helmet by now :lol: Hopefully I'll have a complete photo shoot of my ESB this year.


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When you said you where doing an ESB Fett I knew you would nail it, minor flaws to the picky eye aside, that looks fantastic.
Thansk everyone. I'm hoping that I dont ever have to do a version 2.0. :D

So with the help of all you guys I'm gonna try to get it right the first time.

Bobafettish - Thanks for noticing that, but I'm aiming for the chronicles Fett look
with ESB colors. I love the spacing in those pictures.

DL44 - gotcha man, the orange is in there, but I guess I need some more. I went a little light. Time to hit the hobby store again. Thanks man.

BobaFettslave -

Helmet - MSH2 by Fettpride and painted by Rogue Studios.

Neck seal - by TK409's wife

Vest - TK409's sister. I modified the shoulders flaps and modified to fit me

Chest armor - by Fettpride painted by me with Rogue Studios colors.

Jodo Kast - like Tylerdurden said, the pieces move around a bit. But believe me its dead on straight. heh heh. thanks for noticing that. Sometimes I need someone elses EYE. thanks man.

thanks for the feedback and help everyone.


The look I'm aiming for.

1st Preproduction 03.jpg
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