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does anyone have any good shots of the esb blaster stock? Does anyone know if the same little plates that are on the rotj stock are also on the esb version? Any tips?

No the ESB is completely different than ROTJ.The ESB has the same split plugs that are on the Vader reveal....two on one side,and one on the other and some sort of presumed circuit board in the middle.

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hmm, where can I get some of those plugs you're talkign about? and do you have any pictures of where on the stock they belong?

I know they're identified as "split plugs" but what exactly is the original part called? When combing through the threads, i've gleaned the fact that this was an older european plug. What kind? An electrical outlet plug? An outlet adapter? Is there a modern counterpart? Any insight is welcome!

They are more of a plug replacement if an original plug is damaged or a cord of custom length is desired. They have U.S. versions of "replacement plugs" ,but the ESB's are vintage parts to the best of my knowledge and are not of U.S. origins rather U.K.

So what then, is the proper European name for them; and is there some way to get a hold of these original parts? Again, is there a modern counterpart? Anyone of our European friends have any insight or leads?


They are simply called "split plugs" as thats what they really look like until they are wired up to an appliance. There are no modern versions that double for these that have ever surfaced.

Ok, I see. So they start out split. My thought was that it was something that was a whole piece that they cut apart to create the part. Thanks a lot! This is tremendously helpful!

Hey FT!

I saw that when you posted it. It looks terrific, and I will probably wind up using it! Thanks!

Like most, I'm trying to find as many of the original parts as possible. A truly difficult task. Had I started this project 10 years ago, when I dreamed of building my Fett, I might have had an easier go of it. Then again there are FAR more resources available now.

Has anyone molded any original split plugs?

Resin cast split plugs should be available sometime soon.
I had my real ones cast since I haven't seen anyone cast the correct ones yet. I did hear Natty did, but I missed those.
I got a really good set of ESB stock greeblies from Omega man about a year ago, (4 split plugs & the center box thingy). The casting was superb, but I dunno if he's still making them or not.
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