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now the number is easier to see!
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great photo:)

Top information: Thanks intwenothor!
(there are many fakes but also good replica from $50,00 USD)

Thanks dude, It unintentionally ended up a kind of Vader/Baddie display. There are more pictures over at rebelscum.
intwenothor's collection - Page 6

Anyway as I am in grave danger of hijacking this threas and derailing it I shall get back to the oringal topic; I would suggest that if an MPP cannot be located (and the chances are that one can't) that a 2 cell Heiland is preferable to a 3 cell Heiland for several reasons:

They are more numerous and generally cheaper.
The three cell Heilands have too many holes and whilst it is true that the two cell Heilands have too few I find the look of the two cell preferable. I appreciate that preference is just that and highly subjective.

Heiland two cell.

Heiland two cell rear.

Heiland two, MPP and Heiland Three cell comparisons.




N.B. In this picture it appears that the three cell Heiland has two vertical holes. It does not as the one on the left is a reflection of the vertical hole on the MPP.


Obviously there will a few additional holes on the MPP once a few screws and the rivets holding the plate are removed but I think the two cell is far closer and with a bit of care the oblong vertical hole could be added to give a very close match.

An additional piece of info for MPP hunters. Many MPP feature some additional strange numbers and an up arrow. I have seen a number of MPP flashes denounced as fake for not having these strange numbers.



Not a great photo I am afraid but you should be able to make out '14A/4678^'. These numbers denote that this particular flash was sold by MPP to the Ministry of Defence for military use. Several MPP products are adorned with these numbers; '14A/4768^' indicates that this flash unit was sold complete i.e. with both body and reflector present whereas '14A/4679^' would be found on the body of a flash sold to the MOD without a reflector and '14A/4680^' would be just the reflector alone...... all of which would have been for use with the MPP S92 Large format Camera which was itself a beefed up version of the MPP Mk VI Large format; anyone that has served in the military will appreicate that soliders treat government issued equipment with no respect whatsoever.

Toodle pip.



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I also recently discovered that the MPP flash was first developed for use with the S92 before wider commercial availability which, if memory serves correct, means that all MPP flashes should be post 1954.


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Old thread I know. Necro.

Any help here so I can better understand this would be much appreciated.

I am working on defining a mpp model.
All of the references vary.

For example Rafal's3d model has a couple of extra holes on one profile.

The flat file, in the location with 5 vertical holes. the 4th is a 10mm hole, but the photos above show about a 3mm hole.

Also, and most important, does someone have a shot down the tube, showing the orientation of all the holes? Could someone post that picture?

The schematics have some weird calculations that don't really work.

The simplest way to set up this diagram is 360 degrees rotation.

Each set of holes / slots should have a center point. (or multiples for a slot) that is measured from the top. With a rotation in degrees.

For example. Lets pretend the 5 vertical holes is 0/360.
There should be a view with all those holes centered. Measured from top. And diameter.

The next diagram would rotate x degrees clockwise to the next place there is a hole center. Measure from top. Diameter.

All the way through every hole on the pipe.

There are some holes in the diagrams that have an offset from center. But that would create a non conforming angle on the cut. Meaning the edges would be slanted. This makes for a judgement call as to where it actually is. Like the vertical slot next to the horizontal slots. Or the small rivot holes that are 2mm off center.

In cad, its a little easier than the normal free programs like fusion.

Anyway, the primary question here is does someone have a picture of a MPP shot down the center showing the orientation of all holes in comparison to themselves.

I will make this file available when I am done.



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This is how the MPP tube looks from the front:
ESB EE-3 MPP Tube 07.jpg

The 2 extra holes you are referring are there on the ESB Blaster:



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Thanks you guys are the best. The two extra holes are what people refer to as the dimple and isnt actually all the way through correct? I guess I am still confused on them. I read that one was a dimple and one keyed. I assumed they were the two in the straight line 5 setup.

I know I am late to the party here. Not arguing. Just trying to understand one of the last pieces of the blaster.

Thanks for the hole location shot. That answers a lot of my questions. When I place this on a dial it gives me a really clear idea of where these are.

I am not as good with cad as rafal is so after comparing, i failed a third time, but fourth is a charm.
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So I am clear on this, is this the most up to date thread with all the latest info in it? Theres about 6 I have read but this one had the best info in it.


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Raf, drawing 4, vertical stack, his shows a 10mm big bottom hole, the pics above show a small hole in that position. Which is correct?


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Heres some prelim pics of what I am doing here. Beta 2. Beta 1 is printed now I have to work out connections to gun/mount. My printer only does 8 inches. this is exact length with a fastener that goes in barrel to secure things and make the mounts work better.

Thanks for the help.

Grey: Test 1 before positioning things. 3 4 5 positioned per rafals help.

The top hole on stack is a bump per other discussion. Top extra two holes are placed. I am still not sure of the second from bottom hole on 5 hole stack side. Is it 4mm or 10mm.




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Wow, we are through the looking glass now people.


Edit: That was a small B port hole, one step shroud version. I did a quick completed listings search and found that a large B port, no step shroud version sold for exactly half that a little over the week ago! Surely this is the wrong way around...


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When I contacted the seller regarding shipping on the no-step shroud MPP listing, he only replied after the listing closed. He said he was bombarded with messages and a best offer was prematurely accepted. That’s why that particular MPP never went to auction.


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When I contacted the seller regarding shipping on the no-step shroud MPP listing, he only replied after the listing closed. He said he was bombarded with messages and a best offer was prematurely accepted. That’s why that particular MPP never went to auction.
Thanks for posting this as it explains why this went the way it has.