eFX PCR Boba Fett Helmet


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Thanks for the pics
It looks like the helmet is made in 3-4 pieces which get glued together to form the main helmet. Dome, Back, Front Mandible section, and possibly the Dent itself is a separate piece too if I'm seeing a seam line in there instead of a poorly hidden stencil line...I'm unsure what it really is tbh. The physical damage looks to be more "artist interpretation" than whats on the actual bucket, but trying to get that to injection mold might also be tricky I guess. I'm curious how well it truly retains the ESB helmet dimensions or if its more a "Good enough" piece together.
It looks like they've done the ears similar to how Master Replicas did theirs. The rangefinder ear is one piece instead of 2 like on the real one with a backplate that probably screws on. The actual base of the RF ear is a separate piece which is used to help hide the seam line on this side of the helmet.
I almost have to wonder if this is truly the result of conventional linage casting. The only way in my mind they'd be able to create an assembly with overlapping mating surfaces clean enough to link up and somewhat retain the true shape of the helmet would be to go the 3DSCAN/CAD route and then 3d print a prototype from there with all your idealized features which can then be translated to injection molding. Interesting to be sure
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Can anyone verify if the ears are machined aluminum? From the interview they made it sound like they were which would be crazy!
My guess is they're hollow die cast just like the MR's ears were. Would explain them doing the rangefinder ear the same way MR did since its a lot easier/cheaper to produce than getting them machined and gets the job done. Id expect the Legend would probably be upwards of $1000+ if it has machined ears just like the real deal, if it ever sees the light of day

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They’re diecast. And for 380 bucks. It’s a great helmet to throw on the shelf or whatever. Will it pass off as a accurate helmet to someone knowledgeable? From 20 feet away possibly. From 2 no way. But that’s the point of the PCR line. They’re cheap and easy to make.