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This site is very informative and very educational. Since joining this site I have created two armor sets. Both not complete but im very proud of the progress I have been making. Still need gauntlets for both. But i ahve since taught myself manything on paint,binding,bonding,gluing and i have Been able to put someidas into effect.I have been getting much help. I thank all who have answered my PM.

I am just in need of some more knowledge if someone can help me find a site wiht an LED tutotial. I have been to many search engines looking to learn how to make my own LED display. It's more about me learning how to do it than buyhing one. I can prob buy one but prefer to see and go through the wokr myself.

Maybe someone can point me towards a site to find a tutorial.

TY Eht_Eno A.K.A Dan
well if you want to make your own lights you need to learn programing, yes, to do that you need to know how to program or better, make a program and insert into a chip in this case ROM memories, its all about informatic :)
make search n how to make a traffic light, of course in a very very reduced scale ;)
What type of LED info are you looking for? Do you mean a site about making your own chest display?

If so, check out BB's site:

Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett Chest Display

On this page, you'll find the schematics I posted, as far as building the one I designed. As the previous post mentioned, you'd need to know how to program a PIC to do it ALL by yourself. But if you'd like, I can sell you the pre-programmed micro ... you do all the hard work (building the rest of the circuit). :)

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions,


Edit - Updated URL for Chest Display
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Yes and No Shackman. I'm trying to learn how to so I can maybe add extra things to a custom. I also need it cuz im making a suit for a friend but not a mandalorian one. Knowing how to make a LED display or soemthing like it would help me some.
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