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This site is very informative and very educational. Since joining this site I have created two armor sets. Both not complete but im very proud of the progress I have been making. Still need gauntlets for both. But i ahve since taught myself manything on paint,binding,bonding,gluing and i have Been able to put someidas into effect.I have been getting much help. I thank all who have answered my PM.

I am just in need of some more knowledge if someone can help me find a site wiht an LED tutotial. I have been to many search engines looking to learn how to make my own LED display. It's more about me learning how to do it than buyhing one. I can prob buy one but prefer to see and go through the wokr myself.

Maybe someone can point me towards a site to find a tutorial.

TY Eht_Eno A.K.A Dan

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well if you want to make your own lights you need to learn programing, yes, to do that you need to know how to program or better, make a program and insert into a chip in this case ROM memories, its all about informatic :)
make search n how to make a traffic light, of course in a very very reduced scale ;)


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What type of LED info are you looking for? Do you mean a site about making your own chest display?

If so, check out BB's site:

Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett Chest Display

On this page, you'll find the schematics I posted, as far as building the one I designed. As the previous post mentioned, you'd need to know how to program a PIC to do it ALL by yourself. But if you'd like, I can sell you the pre-programmed micro ... you do all the hard work (building the rest of the circuit). :)

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions,


Edit - Updated URL for Chest Display
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Eht Eno

Yes and No Shackman. I'm trying to learn how to so I can maybe add extra things to a custom. I also need it cuz im making a suit for a friend but not a mandalorian one. Knowing how to make a LED display or soemthing like it would help me some.