E2K13 girth belts


Sr Hunter
Hi all,
Just trying to find out if anyone has any info on E2K13 lately. Haven't had any communication from him and I've been trying to find out the status on my girth belt.
I've PM'd him, and used his email link listed on his profile, but nothing. :facepalm
Thanks for any info,
I talked to him yesterday in great length and he is having alot of stuff to cope with IRL. He said they are in production and not to worry. If possible, I'll talk to him again today and see what else I can find out.

Thanks for your patience guys.
Yeah, E2K13 is a trustworthy guy. Don't worry. If real life things are backing him up and the moment, then it's unavoidable, but he will come through when he can. He always has for all his previous customers so far.
Prymer13, if you could talk to him, that would be greatly appreciated.
Tell him no rush! I've just not been able to get in contact with him, and was trying to get an update on what was going on.
Everybody else, thanks for the replies!
Excellent news as I ordered one as well. I've had nothing but great experiences with everyone I've done business with on these boards so I figured it was just RL stuff.

*edit: just to be clear, I meant excellent news about the status, but not about any RL difficulties he's experiencing.
OK, 8 more days have gone by. . . anyone heard from E2K13?
It's been 8 1/2 weeks since I paid for my girth. My fingernails are looking mighty tasty. :p
Yet another week gone by. . . I'm not waiting any more. I PMd Eddie asking for my girth or a refund. Haven't had any reply whatsoever. Anyone have any contact info for him? I'd hate to think I got rooked outta my $$$.
Yeah, I've got to admit this sucks. I stood up for Ed because he's a great guy but I just don't get this. He hasn't returned any of my PMs either and he owes me a MQ-1 calc part that I paid him for 2 1/2 months ago at LEAST.

This just isn't cool at all.
I'm concerned as well. I've seen a couple good deals go by here for one and now I'm thinking of just making my own. I sincerely hope he's ok, but I'd really like to know one way or the other and get my money back if it's not in the near future.
9 more days since my last post. Anyone heard from him? This is really ridiculous. . . I am extremely frustrated with this whole situation. Since I originally placed my order with Eddie, I've ORDERED and RECEIVED 3 other components of my costume. Some of those were shipped from England! :angry
It's far too late to file a grievance with paypal. Anyone have any suggestions?
Try contacting those who personally know him since they are not responding here. MAYBE one of them could contact Eddie for you and pass info along.

Still no word here either on my MQ-1 piece. This sucks.
UPDATE Aug 26th:
My situation with Eddie is resolved. No hard feelings.
May I add a note for anyone who is a seller (or a buyer for that matter)?
Communication is probably THE single most important factor when conducting transactions. Keeping a customer informed about what's going on, whether it's a delay due to materials, personal issues, or what have you, can go a loooooooong way to avoid frustration.
I've seen situations escalate pretty rapidly (moreso over on the RPF) and people get totally irate, just becuase so-and-so hasn't updated them on the status of a product/order.
Maybe this sounds silly to some people, but it really does help!
I guess I'm just going to have to write this one off. Luckily it was only around $50. I even went the same route as superjedi. No communication, no replies, no explanations. All I wanted was to know what was going on and a hard delivery date or refund. However, all of my other transactions and dealings on this board have been nothing short of excellent, though, so one bad apple isn't going to derail my Fettly goal. :)
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