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is there a way to make sintra plastic and bondo (maybe fiberglas) extremly strong.. iam not talking bullet proof.. although that would be cool... but like... getting punched, a knife stabbing.. something.... iam not saying go look for trouble with this, but I wanna take my finished product to a more dangerous place.. like a rave.. and well crap happens at places like that.. mosh pits.. kicked.. punched... chairs smashed over your head.. that sorta thing... be nice if my armor actually provided some protection for me.
First of all.. There are no stupid questions.. only stupid people.. ;) no just joking... but seriously though.. there are now stupid questions.. anyway.. this is what i think:

You can always reinforce the your Sintra armor with layers of fibreglas, polyester and wire mesh. Put a layer of fibreglass and polyester followed by wiremesh and then another layer of fibreglass and polyester. That should hold up pretty good. If you need it even stronger put in thin strips of metal (aluminum..?? ) as well..

any objections??
Hmmmm. Well I have a pair of gauntlets made from titanium and let me tell you there super tough, almost indestructable. but forging it is hard. you can also do alumium in a polish process that makes it super strong 3 times stroner than steel.
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