Dressing a Bounty Hunter in 40 Stages - A Black and White Story


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I always liked the various dressing stages of the Supertrooper and the Pre-Pro #1 suits found in the TDH Gallery (the Promo #1 armor and vest was added in lack of other sources). So I said, it's time to do a silent step by step 'documentation' (because images worth more than 1000 words) with the dressing of the best Bounty Hunter in the whole galaxy: BOBA FETT.

Stage 01.jpg

Stage 03.jpg Stage 02.jpg Stage 04.jpg Stage 05.jpg Stage 06.jpg Stage 07.jpg Stage 08.jpg

Stage 09.jpg Stage 10.jpg Stage 14.jpg Stage 11.jpg Stage 12.jpg Stage 13.jpg

Stage 15.jpg Stage 16.jpg Stage 17.jpg Stage 18.jpg Stage 19.jpg Stage 20.jpg Stage 21.jpg

Stage 22.jpg Stage 23.jpg Stage 24.jpg Stage 26.jpg Stage 28.jpg Stage 27.jpg Stage 29.jpg

Stage 30.jpg Stage 31.jpg Stage 32.jpg Stage 38.jpg Stage 25.jpg

Stage 33.jpg Stage 35.jpg Stage 36.jpg Stage 37.jpg Stage 34.jpg Stage 39.jpg Stage 40.jpg

Ready for bounty hunting!

Stage 41.jpg

Have fun!

Stage 10.jpg

Stage 09.jpg

Stage 08.jpg

Stage 07.jpg

Stage 06.jpg

Stage 05.jpg

Stage 04.jpg

Stage 03.jpg

Stage 02.jpg

Stage 01.jpg

Stage 20.jpg

Stage 19.jpg

Stage 18.jpg

Stage 17.jpg

Stage 16.jpg

Stage 15.jpg

Stage 14.jpg

Stage 13.jpg

Stage 12.jpg

Stage 11.jpg

Stage 30.jpg

Stage 29.jpg

Stage 28.jpg

Stage 27.jpg

Stage 26.jpg

Stage 25.jpg

Stage 24.jpg

Stage 23.jpg

Stage 22.jpg

Stage 21.jpg

Stage 40.jpg

Stage 39.jpg

Stage 38.jpg

Stage 37.jpg

Stage 36.jpg

Stage 35.jpg

Stage 34.jpg

Stage 33.jpg

Stage 32.jpg

Stage 31.jpg

Stage 41.jpg
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Awesome! - and extremely informative.

Vote for Sticky!

This is a really great photo collection, it's so interesting to see shots like these! I second the vote for sticky!
Thanks a lot!

Nice compilation Raf! I never saw this before, but in the pic above what the heck is under his arm, directly underneath the shoulder bell?
Thanks! I assume that what you see there is the lower part of the vest, and is accidentally hanging out under the left arm.

Awesome collection...another vote for sticky. Thanks Raf! :)
Thanks, hobbit!


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This is a really informative photo. I've haven't seen anyone construct their flight suit quite like this yet (hose eyelets in the back, what looks like adjustable cuffs, built-in neck seal, etc.)
I agree! The whole Supertrooper/Boba Fett suit was made with great care and attention to each and every detail and looking to all the images posted in the first post everyone can see the complexity of the Boba Fett suit.

By the way, thanks for making this thread a 'sticky'!


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That's pretty awesome. This is the first time I've seen where those dang hoses go!!!!!!!! Thank you!
Thanks! These are all images from the TDH Gallery and I advise everybody to check it more often, especially when you need reference to build or paint a particular part of the suit.


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Absolutely fabulous! I had never seen most of this pictures and an it is a moving testimony of the beginning of the saga


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Absolutely fabulous! I had never seen most of this pictures and an it is a moving testimony of the beginning of the saga
Thanks a lot!


Moved the following images for continuity:

Stage-03 after stage-01 - The jumpsuit goes first, then the boots! (although there are people who dress that way: first the boots, then the rest of the clothes)
Stage 3-1.jpg

Stage-14 after stage-10 - The left gauntlet was already on the wrist when they showed the right gauntlet.
Stage 14-10.jpg

Stage-27 after stage-28 - The balaclava is first in open position then in closed position (not the other way).
Stage 27-28.jpg

Stage-34 after stage-37 - The balaclava was already attached to the helmet interior.
Stage 34-37.jpg

Stage-38 after stage-21 - When Johnston's assistent (?) shows the cape, there's no helmet put on.
Stage 38-21.jpg

Update 11-01-2013
Stage-38 after stage-32 and stage-25 after stage-38 - In stage-25 we can see Johnston attaching the cape to the jetpack clip, so the cape show-off (stage-38) should go before that image, but after the image with the grappling hook inserted in the jetpack (stage-32).
Stage 38-32 And 25-38.jpg
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In the Supertrooper suit was Alan Harris (the whole suit was build around him, but he played Bossk in the end) and in the Pre-Pro #1 suit (according to the Star Wars Chronicles) was Bruce Nicholson.


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Looks like I need to upgrade my jetpack harness with four large square d-rings instead of the plastic clips currently on. (y)