Dressing a Bounty Hunter in 40 Stages - A Black and White Story


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Interesting to see some historic pictures. I've seen a few, but never the whole set.

This was my purpose when I did this thread.

Nice, I like the archive stuff!

Archive stuffs are great, especially those that are not yet re-surfaced.

Very cool!


I thought it was a little bit more slip on and go..... Thanks man now I really know what i'm getting into
Jeremy Bulloch said that he was suited up in 20 minutes, so this is not an easy task.

Very cool set of pictures!
Thanks a lot!


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These photo's definitely help with imagining how all the pieces go together for a novice looking to build their first kit. Thank you so much.


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The original Supertrooper had no cape (the Star Wars towel was added after GL decided to convert it to Boba Fett):
Boba-Fett-Costume-Test-Fitting-03.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-Screen-Test-01.jpg

The Pre-Pro #1 had one end of the cape attached to a clip mounted on the jetpack and the other end to a clip attached to the right side of the collar:

The Pre-Pro #2 seems to have the cape inserted somewhere between the inner part of the collar/back plate attachment:

The Pre-Pro #3 had the cape attached to the clip mounted to the jetpack (same jetpack as the Pre-Pro #1 minus the rocket):

The ESB hero had a different cape (new design) attached to the outer left collar stud at an approximated 190-200mm distance, while the end of the cape was squeezed/attached to the upper left jetpack hook:
Still 10.jpg

It seems that the ROTJ (and the SE versions) is the only suit that had the cape attached that way (end of cape under the outer left collar stud):