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Just got a DP 97, I'm hoping to make ole flat head look OK, any suggestions (other than bin it). Does antbody have an idea how I can give it a bit more flare, taking into account I live in the UK and its winter! - no chance of putting it in a car on a hot day here in summer never mind winter.
So what are my chances - please be kind :D



You could try heating it up with a hair dryer or a tub of hot water. Hope that helps.

I think your chances are pretty good. For a 97, that looks real good. I haven't seen too many look better than that.

Tub of hot water could work.

Oven on low for a VERY short period of time might work too, but be careful.

thanks for the tips (y) , used the mad hot water method, (couldn't get hold of a flame thrower)it worked a treat, I also used a metal rod bent to shape to support the helmet hopefully it will stop it re-warping.
Now for the paint job :D

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