Done with helmet check it out


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Yo I am Done with my custom helmet tell me what u think.Also i am tryin to make the R/F motorize. Ill keep u posted on that.
<img src=>
Well from what I can see, it looks great, but your pic is really too small to really get a good look at your hard work;). Post some larger pics so we can really appreciate what you've done. By the way....the emblem is a sweet touch. (y)
Looking really good there! :)(y)...never seen a helmet black w/silver before (I've seen them silver w/black and just black so far). Great job with it, I think Jaster will be really happy to have you in his squadron.

I saw this helmet when you didn't have the emblem, and I wasn't impressed but since you added the emblem I think it really looks cool as S$#T!

Definately an excellent choice!

I'm sure it would be a big pain in the ass to do because it would involve repainting the whole dome AND the emblem, but I don't really like to see the famous dent on customs. I'm not trying to piss on your parade, because I really think it may be the nicest custom I have seen!
Ya me too i thought about that with my bro about the dent later i well prob. full it up with patty and paint it again but later and ill well try to get some bigger pics on the helmet and my armor Thanks for checkin out my Dome
It looks pretty darn cool! Reminds me of a "Mandalorian Police Force"- or, a "Mandalore Justice/Judges" say, from the time before the Deathwatch forged a Mandalore civil war, and Jaster, then Jango led the Mandalorians, before the Jedi massacre on Galidrian...

Very nice job! Would like to see bigger pics too!

OK heres a bigger pic and sry that my sword is in the way i was cleaning it.
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