Does the ROTJ rifle really have a strap attached to it?


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I've seen some really nice ROTJ rifles and noticed a few had rifle straps attached to them. Did Boba Fett's ROTJ rifle really have the rifle strap?

Boba Fett 1138

BUT I added one to mine
damm thing gets HEAVY after wearing the suit for a few hrs.!
My blaster is PVC ,cast resin, cast metal & wood.
Not to mention the elecronics for lights & sound.
besided the strap cost me a whole $5 .
an amount that any decent bounty hunter should be able to afford



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I've got a strap on my ROTJ rifle. It makes it a little easier at conventions when you're out shopping.

I found some gun strap mounts at Wal-Mart, I think the brand name is Uncle Mike's, about ten bucks. I attached one at the very lower corner of my stock and the other to the underside of my barrel, about five inches back. I used an old leather strap from an un-used camera case. Works great.


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I found the mounts AND the strap on clearance at Walmart. Got them both for about $8.00! :D Forgot the brand, but they're made for rifles (this company also makes shotgun mounts and straps).

The strap mounts are designed to be screwed into wood. My blaster is resin & PVC. I drilled a pilot hole that was just slightly smaller than the threads on the mounts, and screwed them in. No problem at all! :)

The mounts are spring-loaded, and the strap comes off in a snap. I rarely use the strap, to try and keep as much "authenticity" as I can, but sometimes it comes in handy (and the public doesn't know WHICH blaster had a strap on it or not!). ;)



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Hey, how did you do to install the light effect on the blaster and from who did you get the blaster from? Interesting pic of it. It adds a little "realism-functionality" to the weapon!