Do BKBT helmets smell on the inside?

For those of you with BKBT buckets does yours have a wierd sweet kind of smell on the inside? I have two that i have bought second hand. One has a really really strong sweet smell and the other is very faint but the same. Has anyone else come across this?

What would you guys recommend to get rid of this?

Mike M.

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i'm going to go out on a limb and say that's probably the smell of the resin and all helmets made out of resin have some sort of smell. you just get used to it and go about your business.
I now have a gelcoat BKBT and I can smell the resign because when its on its right infront of your face but it doesnt bother me none


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If it's an original by Vince himself, he used a clear type of casting resin and I'm not sure how long any smell will linger. You can paint the inside to seal it but keep in mind the paint smell will have to wear off as well. If the inside is a yellow/amber color resin, then I made it and the smell will wear off eventually. Storing it upside down for a while will help. You can also seal it with paint as well. I like to use Krylon satin black and/or have also used Rustoleum dark grey primer which the smell lingers longer.
Yea they are older ones cruzer, before yours. But they are both used and iam the second owner for both. It just surprises me that one is still very very strong smelling. My gf recommended to put a box of baking soda in the smelliest one and see if it help. :) But from what you all say iam proably gonna end up painting the inside. Thanks guys!!! And keep the opinions coming.