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Got some pix of the Zam costume from Disney's Star Wars weekend. Made by our own Mark Bradley. Pretty impressive considering he had only a few months and also had to make the Jango and 2 clonetroopers...

Also - he had a budget and had the make the costume comfortable enough for the actors to wear (2 things that don't seem to concern us ;) )


(look - it's MY garden timer hose connector piece on there ;) )

here are some hi-rez versions:
yea - it's not bad. Of course, it's not as accurate as we would prefer here in the Clawdite Club... but he did get the overall "look" of her... which many people just can't seem to do. Not just on this costume - but i noticed that a lot of times people get so hung up on minute details that they totally miss the overall look of a costume... which then makes the minute details pointless (IMO)...

i put some more pix up on the zam site: http://zam-wesell.com/
I think it turned out pretty darned good! Especially some of those more difficult parts like the helmet and gauntlets!

Great pics though! Looks like fun! I would have loved to have seen it in person.. heck, I would love to be able to attend SW Weekends! Wrong state unfortunately! ;)

Comfort? Who needs comfort when we can have perfection! *j/k * I'll remember this when I'm trying to squeeze into my Zam costume! :D
I will try and remember the comfort factor when the lucky female I can talk into wearing my Zam is getting squeezed into it :)
I'll be sure to get some good pics while im at MGM!
I'll also get you Aurra's autograph if you want, Dallas!
I'm getting Mirax a Temura autograph.To bad its only one autograph per person!
ZW~ :zam
Whoa, that came out... WOW! MB did an amazing job, considering the time/budget he was on. Great job MB!!! Zam looks great, Jango's just awesome :zam
I'm glad yu are enjoying Starwars weekends. MB did a wonderful job on the costumes. He is backstage as much as the Disney cast is these days making sure you get a flawless show. Lucas approves of his work, that's all that matters. THe Disney cast are putting thier all into these characters. In fact, on thier breaks they are usually watching the movies or reading the books. The other day I saw a couple of them watching Epsiode one and reading a book at the same time.

Wow, great job MB....just stunning! :D
You seem to be living the dream dude, makin props for SW actors...no fair ;)!

Say hi to Lucas for me! :lol:

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