Gloves Different Glove Material?


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Considering we don't know the filming conditions, the conditions the costumes were kept in, that's very possible. Also depends on how much the suits were washed as well. Color will fade naturally, and we also don't know if they made a specfic choice to aliter the color of the soft goods. Considering they changed every other aspect of the costume between ESB and ROTJ, that's a very real possibility. Prop makers love to change things...

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Mate how can be that only 3 years of time and very few screen used times make that change on the color?
maybe the dark grey we used don't have to be so dark? also in some screen captures here in the gallery the gloves don't seems dark grey, but only grey so my question is:
does maybe boba gloves are the same grey ? and the dark is only a question of lights during filming and/or postproduciton movie montage?
Most of the fading between films is due to the poor conditions the props were stored in, and were continued to be stored in until the late 80's when they were moved to a proper archive at Skywalker Ranch.