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I just wanted to post a WIP of my Deathwatch Super Commando build for my second MMCC costume and for the 501st.

It's going to be a long process as I will be working on this and a TK Commander at the same time, as well as my wife's Mara Jade and Mando, the upgrades to my son's FOTK, the special Ewok upgrade to my youngest daughters Ewok and the upgrades and season 3 Sabine build for my eldest daughter's kit. These first set of pictures are the beginnings of my new kit.



Armor - not yet cut out

Vest - This is actually my original vest. It needs to be cleaned and taken in a bit. It should work.


Gauntlet templates - I couldn't find templates for the gauntlets for this variant so I made my own. Yes I know I wrote top on the bottom and vise versa, I have fixed that since this pic was taken.

Helmet - I made it myself and sell them

Helmet accessories - ear caps, visor and headgear

So at the moment this is what I have so far. I will update this as much as I can as I get items and work on them.

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So it seems that it has been a long time since I have posted about my build. I haven’t given up, it’s just life has found a way to slow things down. This post is very picture heavy.

So a while ago I was able to lay out my armor in its semi cut out form.


Here is the helmet and ear caps as they were when this picture was taken. I have a few detail pieces to work on and then I can lay down the body filler. Eventually before I install the earcaps and paint it, I will be casting it in silicon to be the MK2 version of the DWC helmet I sell.


Here are the boots with the armor just set on them.


As you can see from the layout of my armor, I am building the backplate from scratch and in two pieces.


Here’s the armor laid out.


Close up of the boots with the armor.

Westar Carbine


Here are the templates all laid out.


The wood parts all cut out and the Sintra parts traced out.


All pieces cut out


Laid out


Here are all the weapons for my new kit. The Westar 35 are the same casting as I sell.


Here is the carbine ready for paint.


This is the first time I’ve put in my soft good for my deathwatch Mando. I need to add a small snap at the neck, take in the legs and raise the hem on the legs on the flight suit. The vest just needs the shoulders to be attached. I used an old turtle neck shirt for the neck seal and long sleeves.

Well that’s is the update I have at this moment. Hopefully I will have more updates sooner rather then later.
Welcome back! Everything is looking pretty good so far. Though I am bummed you didn't go for Open Seasons Deathwatch this is looking great. Keep up the work and looking forward to this coming together!
hi there. Great build. Im in process of building my own super commando.
Question for you, where did you get the templates for the boots?
have you ever come back to this project? i'd like to see more of how it is coming along.
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