Death Watch Approved DeathWatch Grunt


Hey hey ! My DeathWatch s2 grunt got approved by the 501st.
Then stolen out of my garage 2 weeks later (along with my tusken raider). The thieves probably thought there were tools in the bins, so my costumes are now most likely in a dumpster. My heart is still hurting over the loss. Also, some boba parts were in the damn DW bin so I have to buy replacements now. YARG.

So I only have my submission pics. Devastated, but still wanna show off my bad ass DeathWatch costume.
Or, as I had to tell the police and my insurance company: "A blue boba fett" :lol::cry:

Here is the link to my submission pics. Please ignore the messy house and the fact I forgot to put on a balaclava.

Build details:
- chest plates, thigh holsters, belt armor, arm gauntlets, shoulder pieces, shoe pieces, shin guards, hand guards - KW Designs
Bucket, guns and jetpack - group build where we personally poured molds/casted stuff/etc
Knee guards - 3d print
Flak vest - beautifully hand created by my fiancee using gorgeous dark blue duck cloth
Stencils - a friend sells them, I need to get the info
Leather belt - we bought a leather hide, cut it, and stained it. It is / was so beautiful!

Attachment method: a buttload of magnets and velcro. I had leggings on under the pants with sewn in magnets. Held the thigh pieces on amazingly.

Paint: (Will update later with exacts)
Dark Grey
Light Grey

Soft Parts:
Jump suits
do not work for my body (I'm female and have a long inseam).
I bought the Red Kap Men's Twill Postman Blue jumpsuit and cut off the legs.
I also bought the Red Kap Men's Red-E-Prest Work Pant, Postman Blue and just sewed up the pockets.
Shoes - I forget the exact style name but they are the recommended brand by KW Designs
Gloves - This is the link to the gloves I got but I don't really recommend them. Very cheap, ripped easily.

52590386_262153117829707_432850291604324352_n (1).jpg 52692346_263554494566016_287784438287302656_n.jpg 52650522_2222501637846634_7612565490455543808_n.jpg
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