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I was receantly asked to make a set of DeathWatch armour for a friend who wishes to troop with the Knights Of The Empire. Here's the result so far:

This is the armour he wanted made. It is a DeathWatch Ghost from Star Wars Galaxies:

The helmet he wants to go with it can be seen here on the classic Jango Fett Open Season's Deathwatch member on the right:

This will be made once the helmet arrives and progress will be shown on this thread.

Here is the completed armour:

Torso armour:

Back armour:

Leg armour:

Helmet progress to follow...

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Truly wicked looking! Great job on the weathering. I take it the hole in the chest plate was the fatal blow. I read that you used Sintra for the armor. What kind of paint did you use?


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The chest damage doesn't go all the way through, call it a narrow escape (would've broken a rib or two though). I used grey primer and then Games Workshop acylics.


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looks awesome. Any chance you will have the mold after this? If you dont want it, I'd be glad to take it off your hands :)
Pizzaman, I believe she hand-cut the sintra and formed it to the shapes. There would be no molds involved in that process.

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Gonna love to see the helmet progress. Thats what always stopped me from making one of these myself.

Looks great so far..