Death Watch Deathwatch Jetpack Project

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  1. Cruzer

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    Hey guys, decided to revisit this project thanks to the encouragement of a couple members. Its beginnings were previously posted in another thread that I can't recall without some searching, but figured it's been sooo long that a new thread would be ok. Public reference pics proved difficult to find. So I used a combination of couple Clone Wars screen grabs as well as the jetpack seen on one of the Kotobukiya Troopers, and tried to find a happy compromise that would be acceptable. Still need to add a few details here and there, it's approximately 15.75" wide at the outermost edges, and the size comparison pic is next to my Bo Katan master. Take it easy and let me know if you guys see any blaring discrepancies. Thanks -Cruzer
    IMG_7287.JPG IMG_7283.JPG IMG_7286.JPG IMG_7285.JPG IMG_7284.JPG IMG_7288.JPG
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  2. eqdizzle

    eqdizzle Jr Member

    Looks stellar, brother!

    Are you building this to match one of the currently available back armor plates?
  3. Cruzer

    Cruzer Well-Known Member

    I'm so out of the loop these days I'm afraid I'm not familiar with who the armor makers are. I just decided to finish this project because two members here asked me to. So I'm basically making this body a larger version of my Bo jetpack which I primarily used Lucas film 3D model pics as references, and adjusting as needed to resemble the DW details. I was told my Bo jetpack back was spot on to the Bo backplate Kevin made, so I'm just hoping this one matches DW backplates similarily.
  4. eqdizzle

    eqdizzle Jr Member

    If you're wanting to match one, the EA or KW are the most accurate plates.

    Keep up the amazing work!
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  5. Kjeldo

    Kjeldo New Member

    Looks awesome! Can't wait!

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