Darian Ordo's first time out!


Finally got everything put together and out on the town. The Mid West Fan Force annual meeting was my wife and my first time with our costumes. Sadly my wife's Mando did not get finished in time but she had a back up plan as a Dark Jedi. We met at Borders in St. Louis on Saturday for a book signing with Aaron Allston (Author of several of the X-Wing book series and the new Legacy of the Force: Betrayal series. I do suggest if you are into SW books to go out and pick this one up. Mr. Allston was a great person to get to know. He came to our Friday night meet and greet and just sat around and fielded questions from all of us about writing and such.

Here is a couple pics of me in my gear and me and my wife.

(Don't mess with a Mando!)


(First day on the job and I get to pull Guard Duty!)


(The wife and I during a break)


(The whole crew including a unit of the 501st's 70th Explorers regiment.)

Thought I would add a close up of the bucket and it's dome. Talk about alot of tedious cutting to get the scorpion right, my hands hurt for several days.


And the blaster rifle I carried for the day. Dang that thing got heavy after a while.
It might, I know the laws in Missouri and they are a little less harsh than California about things. I only carried it after making sure it was cool with the book store.
Side handled baton. Extendable I think.

It's effectively an Asp with a handle on the side.
(Asp being the extendable baton the UK cops use)
The PR 24 has a standard and expandable version. I have both but do not have the proper holster to carry the expandable. The one I have is the standard wooden style. I am a former cop (in real life) so I know how to use one. Plus like the touch of a hand to hand weapon that can stun, disarm and subdue bounties without leaving any lasting marks ulike a vibroblade or blaster.

Here is the PR24 I am carying

Here is an expandable type. The full length is about the same as the standard.
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I love how you took the Jango Rubies and repainted it, especially that piece of plastic under the visor, you sure took that to your advantage with a custom Mandoade!
Thanks GC. I have had alot of complements about the shorter visor. I was going to add a full visor but after the hassle that my wife had to go through with hers I decided that since this one was already in I would work around it. I didn't have the time before our event to work with it and get it done the way I wanted. I think it turned out really good.
He was a great person to get to know. We sat around a table for over two hours Friday night before the book signing and just talked. He had some great stories to tell about how he got into the writing buisness and into Star Wars especially. He also gave us want to be wrighters alot of tips and suggestions on how to better our own attempts to add to the Star Wars Universe.
Here is a pic of the Fan Force crew and Mr. Allston. He is the one in the middle in the black shirt holding his new book.

Here is a close up of Mr. Allston.
OrtharRrith said:
Ah! Like a tonfa (I know how to use them). I recognised the baton but not the name.

PR stands for "protect & restrain" The 24 refers to the measurement of the baton itself. The joke among the guys in blue is that PR stand for "Public relations." The asp is great cause it's portable and compact, but I personally always got a better strike with the PR.8)
Too True. ;) I love the asp because it is alot easier to carry but the PR was a great tool for taking down people and keeping them restrained. I love the forleag spear to a arm bar technique. Came in handy a few times.
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