Custom Jet Pack Concept. Opinions?


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Custom Jetpack Concept. Opinions?

Little by little I have been thinking about getting away from the Boba style pack and make something custom....maybe not even a jet pack but either a backpack, storage tank pack, etc.

Anyways, this is the concept I have designed so far. Any thoughts?

I think It would be a pretty cool mandalorian special troop jet pack!!!!! :jet pack :zam (y) (y) :cheers (y) ;) :p :facepalm :( :) :lol: :lol: :D :lol: :facepalm :( :cry ;) :p :eek: :angry :confused :rolleyes 8) :wacko :eek: :love :puke (y) :cheers (y) :moon :love :evil (y) (n) :jet pack :zam

Ahh.... that was fun
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^^^ lol

I was also thinking about doing something similar to the Dark Trooper Jet Packs from Star Wars BattleFront. I dunno, just kicking around ideas.

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Mods please let me know if my posts are misplaced. I am lost. Sarlacc Pit?
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Cool Design.
You might want to think of what the "Pack" will do. Lasers, missile, etc. This might help the creative process. Also adds a little realism in that each component would have function (if working)
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I like the concept. it could be a little bigger and/or have more "meat" to it. It looks like it would be somewhat flimsy the way it is right now. Just a though.
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