Custom Blaster and Holster (opinons and constructive criticism wanted)


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I know this is kinda putting the cart before the horse but this is one of a pair of side arms I plan on using for my eventual Mando costume, the tabs I have on the pistol are designed to slide into the cell phone clips on the plate the goes on my thigh. I wanted to see what every body thought of my idea (even though I am sure I am not the first to think of this LOL)

That is fantastic. I played around with this idea for grenades, but five bucks per clip for some free grenades seemed expensive. heh
I do use those clips on my sabers...if I ever go with a sidearm I'm not ashamed to take out of the holster, this might be a good method.
That gun is actually so awesome, you don't want a holster covering it up.
the only thing I have to do is weather them and damage them up (what self respecting bounty hunter has brand new equipment) LOL what techniques should I use to weather them?
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like spray paint or should I use a brush? I am in completley new territory my first costume was a dark jedi so every thing always looked shiny and new LOL
You can go about it two can spray the parts you want to weather silver, then when that's dry for a few days, cover it in flat black and when the black is dry, sand off till you see silver.
I have had good luck with that aluminum tape...laying down narrow strips and then painting over it and sanding.
Or you can take a brush or a rag and just smear on the silver until it looks good.
/\ thats not a bad idea just spray a good amount of paint onto some card board the use a brush to pick it up and brush it on
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I am also going to paint up a nerf Firefly which looks really cool especially when you pull the trigger and the barrels flash. (side note) should I sand down the Nerf names off of them.
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A greeblie is just a little cool-looking found piece you glue onto something to make it look cooler. Like the model motorcycle cylinders they glue onto the balsters.
this is the same side arm as above but I weathered it today after work, I used this really cool chrome paint, I just used a brush that had barley any paint on it I brushed it on and I think it came out pretty good.

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