Cost of Sintra


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I was wondering what a good price for Sintra is, I am having trouble finding a places to compare around me but i have found a few, im looking at paying 85 canadian dollers (which is aprox 68 USD) for a 4x8 1/4 thick sheet, Just wanted the opinion of all you who can tell me if this is a fair price or should i continue to look?


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I believe in my town it was 78$ CAD + Tx. So not far off from yours. This place that sell it also sells glass. You might want to check out places that sell signs(and obviously plastic. They might have a lead on where they get their plastic.


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I get mine from a local plastics supplier so I get a bit of a break on it. A 4' x 8' piece of 3MM white runs me close to $42 a sheet. Plus charges for cuts to get it to fit in my car. :facepalm