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I know everyone has their own preference for the Fett costume version they are making.

I'm making the Special Edition Boba Fett with the ESB helmet and the Jedi Armor and costume.

These are the Colors I have with the numbers for the Empire Helmet:

* Panzer Olive Green (Cheeks and dome) F505113
* Boxcar Red (mandibles) F414281
* UP Armor Yellow (Verticle stripes) F414170
* MILW Road Orange (Verticle stripes) F414152
* SP Lark Dark Gray 'unsure' (Gray around scratches) F414182
* Rust (various locations) F414323
* Chrome (scratches) I think this was actually a color called bright silver but this works best.
* Euro Dark green 'Unsure' back of helmet. 4729 (Model Master)
* Panzer dark yellow (Rangefinder ear) if you do not have aluminum ears you will need to mix a silver with this to tone it down. F505111
* RLM Green (Left ear) 'unsure' F505056
* PRR Green (Inside cheeks) this is practically black. F414164
* Rock Island Maroon (Red scratches on left ear). F414248
* Light Gray (on left ear) any light gray will do. F505061

Does anyone have the accurate Colors with numbers for the Return of the Jedi Boba Armor?
(Not the Helmet)

I'm also looking for Spray colors as well as Airbrush colors (Different Options)

Please help!
Anyone Know the number for that color?

Is it Floquil - F505082 US Med. Green A/N612 1/2 Oz.?

I went to a Hobby Store today looking for the color and they asked me the number (I had no idea!), I got what I thought was the right one but I'll have to check tomorrow.

This is a link to the Testors Webpage with the Paints and the Numbers:

tylerdurden said:
I believe RS was using US Medium Green for the armor.
propsculptor said:
Is it Floquil - F505082 US Med. Green A/N612 1/2 Oz.?
Yep. That's it. I could not find it locally, so I had to order it from IIRC I had to order 4 or 5 bottles to do all the green armor. 2 chest pieces, ab plate, center diamond, collar, back, cod and butt.

Oh yea ... don't forget 2 bottles of Yellow Zinc Chromate - # 4851 for the scratches on the armor. I used the masking method for my scratches so it took 2 bottles. If you go topically, then you should only need 1 bottle.

That Site I posted, It gave the certain color of the paints for the armor. I know it doesn't give a whole lot of help though.
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