Blaster Convergence Props: ESB EE-3 Boba Fett Blaster Filming Configuration Guides


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Hey guys
Some of you already probably saw these on FB and such, but this is the official post for this little side research project I've been doing for my favorite prop.

These are all the configurations for the ESB Boba Fett Blaster as seen on screen throughout Empire Strikes Back, which I have divided up into Early, Mid and Late Filming configurations using the help of RafalFett 's wonderful research here The Empire Strikes Back - Boba Fett's on stage chronology , to which I've no idea why it doesn't have its own sticky

I did my best to replicate all these changes as accurately as possible in regards to what happened and where/how parts moved or disappeared. Oddly the Mid filming configuration is what looks to be on screen the most, and is what most people do for their stock greeblies configuration.
Hope these all help you in recreating whichever variant of this prop you like. I'm kind of slightly more partial towards Mid configuration myself where it has slightly more "character" with all the wonky stuff

Early Configuration: (The original state of this prop, but least seen in the film)
Early Filming ESB Boba Fett Blaster - Small .JPG

Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-10a.png Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Hallway-05.png 242696881_10216189032917512_5050138368941033000_n.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Executor-07.jpg

Mid Filming Configuration: (What's seen on screen the most in ESB)
Mid Filming ESB Boba Fett Blaster - Small .JPG

Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Executor-16.png Boba-Fett-ESB-Gary-Kurtz-1-ABC-News.jpg Movies & TV 10_1_2021 10_55_49 PM.png 242875252_10216189034197544_7564964933894543346_n.jpg

Late Filming Configuration: (the infamous missing molex variant)
Late Filming ESB Boba Fett Blaster - Small .JPG

Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Carbon-Chamber-22.png Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Carbon-Chamber-24.JPG 242751764_10216189035117567_5389481774191640170_n.jpg

All Versions Combined
All Filming ESB Boba Fett Blaster Configurations - Small  .JPG
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