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Color of Jetpack tank.... know that there some links for this...but...i have not found what i am looking for. anyway, i was looking at some reff photos the other day, and wondered if the side tanks of the ROTJ Jet Pack were white, or silver. are they silver, with a lot of "sutt" on it? thanks,
are you talking about the thrusters? If so I'm not sure there's a definate answer for that. Some people say silver, but all the toys seem to be white, and there are several people that have white thrusters...that may be more of a personal preference....some of the more experienced folks please feel free to chime in here.
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yea, i was talking about the thrusters, and the 2 side tanks. to me they look silver with a lot of rust, or sutt type weathering on it. i was just wanting the closest thing to it. to me, the white is too white, and the silver is too silver. i don't know. thats why theres theis site. :)
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On my pack, I choose to sort of do a combo. I did white and then a light mist of black to dirty it up and then a couple of light dusts of silver and some blending, and vala, it looks great.
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