Collar/Backplate question

jonny dh

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I was wondering, in ESB, if the collar overlaps the backplate, the backplat e over the collar, or not at all? Sorry for such a basic question, I just ordered some BM armor, and want to get it right.


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I have the same, and the collar does fit over the backplate, just get someone to measure where it best fits you with your vest and everything on. YOu can bolt it together like they did on the movie version or find some other way I used two line magnets on both sides hehe its hard to get apart

jonny dh

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and you just connect the collar over the backplate with that keyboard key device, then the cape inbetween the keyboard key and the collar?

Jun Garros Fett

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Here are a couple pics that might help out some. :)

Click on them to see the full size pic.