Code of Conduct Update: Functional Weapons Discussion

Art Andrews

Community Founder
Community Staff
Please note that the following has been added to the Code of Conduct.


The discussion of functional weapons is prohibited. This includes working flamethrowers, wrist rockets, knee darts, rifles, sidearms, etc. Such items are extremely dangerous and this site does not endorse or promote the inclusion of such items on a replica costume. "Smoking" rocket packs are not considered a weapon and are not prohibited from being discussed.

You may wonder why we are prohibiting such talk. While we recognize that there are a number of members on this board who would be capable of manufacturing a relatively safe working flame thrower or other "weapon", for every competent person, there are a dozen who just think it would be "cool" and would end up burning their arm off or blowing their house up. Even worse, we have a large number of very young members who may not fully grasp the fragility of life and might try to recreate something they saw or heard about here on TDH. The last thing we would ever want is to turn on the TV and find out that one of our members had accidentally maimed themselves or someone else due to having read a post here on TDH. I am sure you can all understand that if something like this were to happen, TDH would be done.