Cod snaps?


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To keep codpiece from falling and sliding, should I just ProBond some snaps to it and put some on my jumpsuit? I know this is how I plan on attaching my new chest armor, but will it work on the cod, the way it sits?
I actually used an elastic strap around the back. It gets covered by most every other belt you're wearing. But it did slip on me. Depending on how well your cod is curved and fitted to you it should work very well with snaps. If it is not curved well to your body it may resist the bend to fit the snaps.

I just attached mine to my holster belt. No problems with it slipping but I am also going to add a snap to the very bottom to keep it close to the flightsuit.
I used a snap on the bottom portion of the cod and flightsuit. It gives the flightsuit that "tucked" look. Like this picture shows
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