Button snaps vs. velcro?

Ceric Neesh

I'm going to be starting on my armor soon, and I came up with an idea for securing my armor plates: Button snaps, like the ones on jeans. I thought of them because I'm trying to find a way to get the armor to mount the same way every time, and to keep it on better than velcro will. I'm planning on putting the female connector piece through the back of the fabric piece (vest and boots) and attaching the male connector to the armor itself using gorilla glue. By doing this, the armor will be flush and secure against the fabric, but still be easily removed for washing the fabric pieces.

Has anyone tried this before? I've got a lot of faith in it (I've done other costumes in the theatre that used this type of attachment), but if it's failed people in the past, then I may want to try it on some inexpensive parts first.
I think you'll find people have used either method with success.
I'm a velcro fan myself. I attached my armor using industrial strength velcro. I used 'goop' glue to attach one part to the back of my armor pieces, and 'no-sew' fabric glue to attach the opposing part to my vest.
It hasn't ever peeled up and once I press it into place it doesn't shift.
I did the same thing to add some extra stability for my knees as well. Just a small square of velcro attached to the knee of my flightsuit, and a piece on the back of the knee armor.
Okay, good. I'm going to be starting with the shins, so I'll have a good idea of how well it works with that part. The boot armor and the front plate will both be attached to the boots by way of snaps, so that it can rotate a bit when I walk, and the back piece of my shins (I'm doing a custom, live with it) will be held on entirely by 1" webbing straps. The boots come up to mid-calf, so the back piece not being solidly attached won't be an issue as far as walking and stuff goes. If it goes well, the next thing I'll work on is the chest armor, and the vest that goes with it.
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