Snaps or magnets?


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I have recently bought a really sweet set of chest armour. I need to buy a flak jacket next so as to afix them to it. Magnets? Snaps? Help!

Darth Voorhees

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i have Bolts on mine currently. I really like the bolts (and its screen accurate i believe) however, I did a build for Verbal21 recently, and used magnets, and i REALLY them. I have bought a new vest and i think i will use that method the second time around...if i can get the bolts off of my armor lol.


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DVH, did you post a wip thread on how you did the magnets? I think that is the way I am going to do it when my armor comes from BM. How would you attach the magnets to the vest?
I actually just installed my bolts and it was SUPER easy, I used 1/4" large grommets from "Dritz" and 1/4" screws with nuts i found in a pack at menards, I know there are threads around here in the forums But i'm super happy with it
Snaps have a tight grip but can snap open if the stress on the connection gets to strong. - But better an open Snap instead of a hole ripped in your vest.
- the usual Boba Chestplates dont have to deal with teh amount of stress or flexibility like other armors.

Never have seen a good Magnet Seal can flip of and also good rare earth magnets are annoying when they grab every single magnetic thing and stick it to your flakvest ^^

Velcro: Easy to sew on Flakvest but you need a good or alopt glue for the part on the plates if you dont want the velcro stripps ripped off.

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Funny, the whole time i had the vest with the armor on with the magnets, i didnt have everything/anything sticking to them. you have to be an inch away for them to start to grab. But i suppose its a possibility. Also they are very strong..i was having a hard time pulling the plates off i doubt they would just "flip off".

JC, no i didnt do one, but it was fairly simple. i just used zap a gap with the zip kicker to attach 1/2" x1/2" by 1/8" magnets to the corners of the back of the armor. pretty much the same places i did the bolts on mine. Then i just placed the same type magnets on the back of the vest. they hold very tight but you can slide the armor to where you want it once you have all the pieces mostly in place. I personally like it. I like the fact you can adjust it, your not poking holes in the vest which works well if you ever sell the vest or change the type of armor you have.

I did however do the collar with bolts on Verbal21's cuz the back plate will apply some pull, and i didnt want it to slide up to his neck lol.


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I used magnets and have never had any issues with anything sticking to them. Like Lou stated, you'd have to be REALLY close to something magnetic or metallic in order to pick something up. I like my magnets too cause I can take the armor off quickly for repositioning or to wash the flak vest if I so choose. You also don't have to make any modifications to the vest itself leaving it in pristine shape if you ever want to resell it. Plus they NEVER wear out like velcro.
Check out my build thread for details on how I did it (starting with post #165, page 2)

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For those with magnets, I am now the proud owner of Verbal21s armor (great job DVH) and would like to make the magnets a little more secure since they really do hold very well. Btw, don't wave your keys near your chest, they'll stick to the armor! Any thought for securing them to the vest? I was thinking of sewing them on with little pockets, as it is easier for me to put the vest on first, then put the plates on, rather than attempt to put the vest on with plates already attached.

Also, any gluing materials that work better to hold magnets to armor? All the magnets popped off the armor except the chest diamond. Thinking I need to give both the magnets and inside armor pieces a little sanding to roughen up for the glue to grab onto.