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I have many pieces in progress but this is the first one I consider "finished." Actually I may redo this piece later as I'm not totally satisfied with it but in the interest of finishing by Celebration, I decided to go with it for now.


Most of it is cut from Sintra and the ring around the edge is made from epoxy. The thing that bothers me about is that I forgot how much better Sintra looks when you taper the edges -I remembered in time to do all of my other pieces with tapered edges. I am going with this for now though, like I said "in the interest of time." I think once it is part of the total costume that I won't be as bothered by it.

It seems like this holds the neckerchief piece on so I'll get a pin from the craft store and make it into a brooch-type-thing.

:zam Kim
Originally posted by siem ardar:

chest plate

you'll have to look at a picture to get it perfect, but i'm pretty sure there are three separate parts; the top right of the chest plate, the top left, and the bottom section.

if you can find a sheet of metal (even like a cookie sheet) and cut it and bend it and cover the sides with something dark purple/dark gray that'll keep it from cutting you, that might look great on the top part.

the bottom part of the chest plate is dark purple/fuscia and isn't as thin as the top of the chest plate. it's maybe a finger's width thick and is thicker on top than bottom. there's a seam running down it and a round (half-circle) cut out piece at the bottom.

the small metal thing the pipes go into could be made of sculpey (seriously i think this will work best in this case) or maybe from stuff you could find at home depot (shower heads?).

**NOTE...there are some symbols carved on the top part of her chest plate. i can only see them in the pictures taken on the set though, oddly enough. you can see them pretty well in a select (it shows a lot of the chest plate detail, i suggest you find a copy of it somewhere).

tube things

go find some tubes like that from anything (vacuum place, home depot, etc). they don't even have to be black. cover them with black electrical tape and then go find some parts and glue/sew/both/whichever to your vest. maybe even velcro it if you want to keep everything as seperate as possible.


leather or rubber. gotta be something really stiff. cut it into shape, maybe paint on the design, fold it over, use some rivets (paint them black). i think it's attached to the belt.

you could always, you know, buy something in this case and try to cover it/dye it (or have it dyed). that might work best.


you might want to screw with some discman/walkman headphones, anything else you can get your hands on and make them look like the stuff on her belt. the two things by where her belt buckle should be look like locks to me...the really heavy duty ones, not really master lock (though i'm sure you could use those if you covered their basic shape with some sort of mold).

one of the accessories looks like it's a thick ball chain. where you're going to find one of those now, i'm not too sure (a few years ago they were everywhere), but i'm sure you could improvise with beads.


there's something around her left leg, like a garter belt type thing. it might be another holster but i can't really tell.
Anyone have a really good clear shot from your pleathora of pics (not the vcd that dcb gave us, but another) of the symbols on her chestplating? I saw dcb's markings for the sweatshirt...gave me an idea, but wondering if there is a pic out there I can just enlarge and carve it into the sintra.
Also, anyone know what kind of tubing inside the left cuff above the silver gauntlet?
Why tanks! Wow, it looks a lot like the chinese take out boxes we used to give to our customers. (Dad used to own a chinese carry-out)
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