Chest assembly


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*smack smack* Don't be so lazy... ;) I was dreaming of a Zam Hose marketplace named "TBH!" :lol: :lol:

A Hoover... Really?? Hmmmm.... Well you guys (or Qui-Gon Ludo?) did an awesome job on the painting, because it looks dead-on to me too! :D

sl tk8456

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Ta. Yeah that's Becky's attention to detail for you :) One of the frst things she painted.

One other thing, one end of the adaptor is marked in 3 bands. It says 28 25 on it

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Actually, all I've ever done is take the nylon strapping from the bottom of my moon piece (the one over the horseshoe piece) and tie it to my leather skirt. If you don't have a belt, then just wrap it around the laces a little, but under the cumberbund. It stays mostly, and the only floppy things are the ovary bits. If you zoom/look really close to the ref pics, you can see there is a strap there. My chest plating goes around my neck, so there isn't any extra atatchments there, cept for some elastic.