Cheapest Ebay Don Post 95 Ever!


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Auction is over but this is the cheapest I've seen a dP 95 go for. I bid 8.55 early on (50 Cent's over). I wanted a good connection for the last remaining minutes (you know murpy's law). So I restarted my computer in the last five minutes. My computer is so slow (2.2 but needs a format). I made it back to the auction in the last nine seconds. I Didn't make it. Well I have 2 of these anyway.
Just thought I'd share. Notice the auction title and category. If it's a 95 it's got potential.


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A couple things that stick out about that helmet are 1) The ear cap is black not silver. 2) He mentions that the copyright information was on the inside. I know there were 2 versions of the 95, the green interior and the white interior. I think the cheap rubies version had a black earcap.


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yeah i have/had both versions of the 95 DP, niether said anything on the inside, it was imprinted on the outside on the back


That helmet looks a lot like one I made the mistake to buy years ago. Its not a Don Post, just some cheap rubber mask that doesn't hold it shape. I origianlly paid $20 for it, spent more then that trying to fix it up.