Don Post '95 Standard vinyl Fett helm resurrection


Here it is...using mostly photo references from the old Don Post helmet ads in the Jawa Trader in the old Star Wars Insider mags from the late 90s, and some old pics I had of this before it went under the can....
It's properly painted a bit slapdash, and it is feeling like a better version of its old self now.
Just needing to track down some tinted styrene to make the visor, and this puppy is ready to sell on QVC's next Star Wars collectibles special.
20200713_175825.jpg 20200713_175739.jpg 20200713_175714.jpg 20200713_175808.jpg 20200713_175701.jpg 20200713_175750.jpg


New Hunter
This looks awesome. I just picked up 2 of these helmets for 100 bucks. One is cracked where the visor goes and the other is in decent condition. Where are you planning to get the visor material?