Chapter 9 Discussion aka Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. (Spoilers within)


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Of course there was that deep cut to the RotJ mirror screen in Jabba’s Palace too... ‍smh



I havent logged in here since ages ago -never even uploaded the pictues of my semi-completed ESB build- but I just wanted to share how I cried when I thought Boba was dead at the beginning and how I screamed my heart out of joy at the -I assume- Boba cut at the end. Like damn I was happy. Ready to forgive Disney


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I haven’t logged in in a while myself, as soon as I saw the episode I new the boards would be blowing up lol. Glad to see the armor and Fett (hopefully Fett and not a clone) in some new Star Wars material.

Fett 4 Real

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As I was mostly drunk off of no sleep this morning.... (insomnia I guess, thanks to TX FETT AKA Scott Kaufmann ) I did not mention the only altered clones that could be is Kix. He survived the clone wars in stasis...which is why I think the child is so young and 50 years old as well. We know its possible to be put into stasis and not age in the SW universe.


Oh yeah... and his chest light display, if it's boba fett's rotj armor... what the heck.
The top display didn't blink... it was just having the red display bars move from side to side, practically like KIT from knight rider.