CAST ALUMINUM FETT (phase 2) - w/ comparisons

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Here it is - my scratch sculpted Fett helmet is cast in aluminum!

After my first try with the DP delux casting I decided to improve my techniques. I'm quite proud of this especially because I actually sculpted the master helmet. I was able to make the walls very thin so the helmet is very light and wearable! It weighed in at 5lbs but it doesn't seem like it. I guess that would be because the helmet is quite large but the metal is evenly distributed making it more comfortable on the head than one might think.

Pics show progress of the clean up. The surface is really smooth and straight - although it looks like it has wrinkles and dirt. Next step is to "flap" it and wire wheel it for that oh-so-smooth surface.

So... here are the pics - ask me what you want to know...




Dude you rock. (y) That is so cool. how can you cast aluminum stuff in your garage ? Do you have a mini blast furnace ?
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wow! Pretty mindboggling :eek:
5 pound helmet made of aluminum...I wonder how much protection that pot would actually offer? :lol:

Theres goes another few hundred bucks hehehe.. PM me!
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Man, people making metal helmets, metal armor . . . . just need someone to start making small flamethrowers and you could actually BE a real Boba Fett bounty hunter! :)

Great work on the helmet. Looks incredible!

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That looks fantastic! It goes to show that we can do anything if we put forth the effort. Good job, man!
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It makes me sick how talented some of you
people are! :puke

Just kidding. That helmet came out superb!!!
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WOW!! That's amazing. That I could be so talented. :D
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Dang !!!!!!

That is just TOO Awesome !!!

My compliments on your work Friend !!!

Take Care

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Thank you for all the wonderful compliments! :eek:

I'll be cleaning it up more soon and sharing new pictures as well. In regards to the garage blast I actually work at a commercial art foundry where we specialize in individual castings and what not (but yeah - as if I would cast just "one"). I just completed a new thread on the process of casting in aluminum. Here it is:

Oh - I want one of those flame things!
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for comparison...also it shows the new aluminum helmet cleaned up some more. It can still be polished with a fine wire brush. Once the rangefinder cover is tapped then the cover will be secure and the rangefinder positional


notice the thickness of the metal - remember, this is cast!

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That looks great, guess I'll be heading to the cargo hold.

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