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Scratchbuild: Cardboard Fiberglass Composite

Ok, I've been led to this site via Honus' instructable on how to make a fett helmet out of cardboard. I searched the site and read up on a lot of scratchbuild techniques before starting my build.

Thanks to Honus and others for the inspiration and to Alan (WOF) for the templates.

For the cardboard I'm using mat backer board - It's some type of cardboard/paperboard used in mounting pictures in frames. It curves well without creasing and a full sheet was $0.99 from the local craft supply. That's for enough material to complete this project :D!

I had a partially used Bondo fiberglass repair kit which was used to fix a split in my bumper. It would probably have gone to waste in my garage but now it's going to help me make a durable, affordable Fett Bucket!

Here's my progress so far:

Roughed together:

Back insert remover to ease the interior fiberglassing, you can see the sheen from the Mod P:

Here you can see the interior covered with the woven fiberglass and resin:

The excess fiberglass mat has been trimmed off on the right using a dremel sanding wheel:

Fully fiberglassed dome the exterior cardboard is now only for detail, not strengh:
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WOW!!!! VERY nice build skills! The lines are super crisp and the matting looks extra neat. Going to be a nice bucket. Check out RS's ears to be sure and get the best for it ;)

Thanks everyone.

Don't worry, I'll keep up with the updates. I hate seeing good scratchbuild threads just go dead with no explaination.

So far I've sanded down the ridges on the dome where the cardboard is joined to remove the 'faceted' look. In some places i've gone all the way down to the fiberglass to get the smoothness right. This should help when I apply the bondo to get a nice rounded dome; I won't have to worry about the ridges showing through when I sand it down or paint it.

The rear will go back on and I'll fiberglass that into place and use a temporary wire form to add a little 'flare' before I start the bondoing process.

I'll probably have more pics up on Monday or Tuesday.
whoa, that is a very nice looking cardboard helmet.

are you planning on making the ears too? or will those be resin?

I've taken a rasp (actually a small handheld grater) and took down the high points on the dome, as mentioned before. It's a little fuzzy but a lot smoother. I noticed in the pics that the fuzziness makes the ridges appear to be raised but that's just an optical illusion.



As far as ears go, I'll probably continue with the cardboard. I really want to see what can be done with this method.
Ok, got the back on so I needed the keyholes. Up to now I've been printing out WOF's templates, cutting them out and transferring them to cardboard by pen. This was to sloppy a method for the fine details of the keyholes so I just measured them with a good ruler and laid out the dimensions directly on the cardboard.

The results:

I alsto picked up some needle files do I can keep the details crisp.

I still have to do some more dome smoothing but this upper ear part would only be harder to do later if I didn't rough in the shape.

BTW is there a mod who can change the title to say "Scratchbuild: Carbon Fiberglass composite"?
Can you see in this photo that the keyhole is sloping? Really good work on the helmet. ;)

Thanks. Yes, I'm aware of the slope. The curve will be set by the pieces used to inset the keyhole -which I haven't cut yet. I'll probably get as far as mounting the keyholes, fiberglassing the back, and priming the dome today.
Interestingly enought I couldn't find the keyhole 'slope' in WOF's templates. I don't know if I just overlooked it or what. I even rechecked the .pdf's. Oh well I just have to do it myself, I used KaanE's pics for a quick and dirty reference BTW




And just like that it's done. the Mod Podge isn't even dry yet:
So, to start this out with cardboard, what did you use to hold the cardboard together? Tape? Elmers? That sounds a lot more cost effective when I will be starting out.
I used low temp hot glue to tack everything together. I butt the pieces together and apply a small amout of glue. Then I go back over it with the tip in a zigzag motion to smooth it out flat.

It's nice because it's reworkable. I originally had the keyhole in the frame upside down but was able to remelt the glue mount it correctly.
Oh yeah, thanks for the comment and thanks for the link. You forgot to give me the username and password but I found it ;)

I'm a little further on the helmet but I've also been working on the wife's lightsaber this week so that's slowed me down.
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