First post, first WOF bukcet build - cardboard!


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Mwah, I gues it doesn't look that bad...:lol:lol::lol:

Cutting yourself some slack, really now?
Are you sure you're satisfied that quickly??

Circuitboards out of cardboard..., it's both board I guess...

Tip: rename this thread to 'how to make the impossible possible'(y)


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Thank you for sharing your progress, I am amazed every time I look at this thread.

Thanks for looking Alan. Half the fun on this forum is the responses I get from all of you guys. Please keep looking!:cheers
Dude, are you kidding me??????????????????????
One of the coolest things I have EVER seen on TDH.
No sir, I am not! :D Thanks for the compliment OSK, it's cool to have cool stuff I guess ;). I'm just glad I can share here on TDH! (y)
Man, I hate to break it to you, but this helmet totally.............ROCKS. haha.
What!:angry Hey, you gotta be kidd........... oh, phew! Thought you were dissin' me there for a sec bro :lol:. Thanks! (y)
This might be my favorite progress thread on TDH, ever.
Peter, I'm glad you started this project, I'm happy you're sharing your progress with us, and I'm just really impressed with your talent and execution.
:eek: :eek: :eek: ;) T h a n k s ! :eek: :eek:
That MQ-1 board comparison picture is a wonderful example of how the free flow of information, tips and encouragement here can yield great results, and be an inspiration to others.
YES!!, I'm totally with you on that CD! Goes without saying that I couldn't have come this far if it weren't for that exactly! So THANKS to all of TDH and their contributors. TDH is a great place to visit due to its very talented and sharing members. Here here :cheers!!!

8) Talk about raising the bar (y)
What bar? The one on the 25th floor at our office? Or the barbell in the gym? I can do 250 lbs on that! :facepalmWell, at least I could... about 10 years ago:(. Thanks dude! (y)
Mwah, I gues it doesn't look that bad...:lol:lol::lol:
Tip: rename this thread to 'how to make the impossible possible'(y)
Thanks man! If I only could find someone to rename
that misspelled "bukcet" in the title I would be happy :lol:


To be able to install the board behind the keyslots, I built a box type of thingy to fit around it. Here's what I mean, look:


Next I primered and painted the MQ-1 board:



To be glued on the inside of the helmet. Now you see it..... :


.....and now you don't:


Rear view:






That's it, for now.
Please forgive me for sort of "over-posting" with pics, but I assume that images say more than words :D

Thanks for looking and
until next time.
Peter 8)


"With great power comes great responsibility"


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This has been one of the most amazing work i have ever seen.
Absolutly fantastic work all around., especially the MQ-1 board.
Thanks for sharing your work.

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Hello Antman! Since you kindly replied to my thread, I am returning the favor. You are a great artist and have the most impressive Boba-lid in my opinion. I have a small question: In the WOF templates, what is the long piece that says "Inner Surface" on it used for? Do you think it is necessary? Thank you!


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It's been a while since the last update of this thread, but finally here is some news. Be it not so good, or......... see for yourself.

I've been wanting to finish the paint job on this cardboard build but somehow I got stuck due to lack of proper reference material (CD templates) and time. And in the mean time I decided to start a second build, which also kind of put this one in second place. Still I felt obligated to finish this, as I owe it to many of you out there following my progress. So one day I said to myself "Just work with what you can find on TDH and put in some personal touches." First I had to clear my mind and took the CAT-CAT for a walk around the block:


Unsuspecting anything I just let CAT do his business...


But what light through yonder alley breaks? Surprise! My very own unaltered clone gave me a scare!


He put on the unfinished helmet and snuck upon good old pops:


Hah! Trying to scare the old man huh? Well..... it worked a litlle bit... all good fun....


.....'till DISASTER struck!!! He accidentally tripped and fell, with the helmet on!!




Oh NO!!


As if it couldn't get any worse, he just kept spinning and rolling.....D'OOOOOOH!!!!


I dare not look how this ends!


All that hard work. building and painting.... crimony! Praying that the damage will not be critical!


Huh?! What's that I feel with my feet?


Oh no...oh no....OH NOOOO!!!


(notice that my kid is also in agony)


Sniff.... hey.....wait a second........huh?.....

Boba-211.jpg can't be.....


Look at this!! Goodness gracious!


It's damaged, but unbelievably in all the right places! It is a MIRACLE!!!!


YEAH! Fortune be with us!!! Good job son!!!


Hugs and kisses!! WOOHOOOOO!!!! (y)


A thourough examination of the helmet damage revealed that the newly added scratches are exactly placed in the correct area's. Sort of. This is incredible. This saves me a lot of paintwork!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

So here it finally is, my interpretation and tribute to the WOF templates, the Count Dookie paint schemes and all of TDH's freely shared information on the Boba Fett helmet, "enriched" with a few of my personal touches.


Eventhough it is not screen accurate (dislocated dent, a bit too small of a dome, etc.), I am proud to have built this first lid. And I enjoyed sharing the progress here on TDH! Thank you all for your wonderfull comments and constructive criticism!

AntMan 8)

Note: Please don't try any of these stunts depicted in above photo's at home! All actions are performed by higly trained and extremely skilled persons.
No persons and/or small animals were hurt during the process of photographing above situations. You have the right to remain silent, but the duty to reply!



"With great power comes great responsibility"
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Lol, that was really funny. Your helmet looks great, Im building myself one now, also from cardboard. Ik gebruik jouw helm een beetje als voorbeeld voor de mijne.


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Hahaha, cat-cat doing his business, with lifted legg & all!

Funny guy you!

Anyway, the now completed finished by accident helmet
looks great. Just great, 'cause knowing u a bit, your 2nd
build will be better, hard as it is to believe.

Congrats!! Looks like your craziness runs in the family btw...


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seeing that interior of the helmet after completion shows me that you sir are a GOD among men, that has got to be the greatest bucket I have ever seen, I really thought it couldn't be done, but ***, this could be used on screen!!