First post, first WOF bukcet build - cardboard!

Mojo Fett

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Hey P, lovin that picture skit you did... very funny! :lol:
And as others have said and I before, this is truly an awesome build from card.
The details you have accomplished (including the MQ-1 board is nothing short of spectacular) (y)

How this has not been stickied yet is baffling to me... :confused


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Sir, really sir? Are you serious sir? I literally just exploded. This thread causes spontanious combustion. Don't look at it too long or you will begin to get jealous, and think of stomping his cat cat. But don't, don't do it. It's not worth it. You're better than him. His helmet is awesome, but you have morals. Calm down. Don't do anything rash.

Aside from the outragious waste of time that thing was that I just wrote, the helmet looks awesome. If only I had that kind of commitment.


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I can't believe it's not Boba... Awesome, I can't wait to post my progress, I got the general shape done in posterboard, just gotta get another few days off to start fiberglass overlay. But there's no way mine will look like that, yours can be used on screen.


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im obviously in no position to be critical but i was just wondering? is that how u plan on leaving the dent. i mean idk i just pictured that his dent was more of a crater-like thing. idk, more ridges? more simetrical? hemispherical? i cant spellical? urs kinda looks like either he got hit with a hammer (which he could have? idk the story behind the dent) or it was made of carboard. which it was. and other than that complaint which is somewhat more of a question from a confused noob, this is the most amazing bucket i have ever seen. im currently making my first bucket and i also started from scratch with carboard and i can only hope that it turns out half as nice as yours :)


That is very very very well made helmet. You've got great attention to detail. I wish I had a helmet half as good as that one.

Do we get to see the new one you're working on by any chance??


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:eek: holy hole in a donut, batman!!! saw your other post first; if THIS was your first , I really can't wait to see your second! I hope mine comes out half as good as this. keep up the great work!! :cheers (y)
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I don't necessarily like to post on a thread that is as aged as this one but, I do want to offer a very big "good job" and thank you to Antman. I've not worked on a scratch build as of yet, but the "tutorial-like" structure, and extremely detailed photos have given me a lot to work off of. Again, great job and I appreciate you sharing it with us. This definitely shows that the near infinite resources here, as well as a lot of patience, can produce anything. Thanks again!!