Canada Paint Question


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I live in Canada, and as I have read and come to find out it is next to impossible to get the proper testor colours for an ESB helmet. However i have come across some of the colours from the list written by Rogue Studios from a company called "Model Maker" They have Panzer Olive Green and a few others. What i was wondering is if anyone else has used this paint and knows if its close to the testor colours?

Jango Fett Jr

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Actually, the Hobby Shop on St. Paul Street in St. Catharines has most of the colours you need. I found most of them there, I used an airbrush and they worked perfectly. I had to substitute a couple colours here and there, so you may need to check some other stores.

Simon Kenobi

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i don't have find the right olive green in airbrushing paint but i mixed a other green whit yellow and black and it have do the job .

i dont have see Model Maker paint here :facepalm


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The hobby shop is where i found the paint in question. I think they have the biggest selection of paint around here.


Its very possible its model master i was on fly by trip i went into the hobby shop just because i was passing it so i could be mistaken, ill have to check it out

Thanks all