Can I use rubf & buff on a painted helmet?

I did a little test piece and it seemed to work ok but I read a post once that the correct way is to put it directly on wet/dry sanded primer.

So my thought is yes but it may not have the same finish quality.
Yeah, ideally you want to use RnB on a smooth, primed surface. The smoother the surface is to start out with the better the result will be.
Speaking of Rubbing and Buffng......when you guys remove the paint from your buckets do you just sand it? When i work on my car engine i paint the valve cover and the intake manifold and i usually use this Tal Strip to remove the paint and man it just tears it up but its on metal i was curious if anyones heard/used it on helms and the effect?
I don't know if every bit of armour would be r.n.buffed because as it is a wax maybe it would wear off the thigh pieces because of the holster strap pressing on it ??

I bought the very same one and got the silver leaf.

As to how much to buy I don't know because I only tried a tester bit but from what I saw it goes a long way. At a pure guess I would say 2-3 tubes for the costume but don't quote me on that.

Katua Fett, never heard of that strip stuff sorry. When I repainted mine I simply sanded it down (can't remember what grit I used) and then wet n dry sanded it. Turned out nice and smooth. I have since learned to wet n dry sand the primer too.
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..i used one tube rub'n buff "silver leaf" for all my armor pieces. i am very satisfied with it..... its very effective!

in time i am planing to upgrade my jango. new west/body armor... its just on paper. but i will start soon... (y)

my jango.jpg
JangoUri, I used R&B on my painted Rubies helmet and armor below and I didn't even have to mask off the blue areas on the helmet. The fact that the silver areas were already painted silver helped, and I would just rub off the R&B when I did get it on the blue areas by accident. I did sand the silver painted areas though with fine grit sandpaper before using R&B.

I wish I would have known you needed R&B cause I could have thrown some in the box with the other stuff. One tube is probably enough to do a couple of costumes. If you need me to get a tube for you let me know. Plus I still owe you that $5 bucks that I can buy it with. I'm also getting ready to head to the local hobbie shop to get the paints for weathering that's recommended here on the threads. I can pick you up some of that as well if you want. Just let me know

You should R&B everything. With applying it correctly and as time goes by the finish will harden and stop rubbing off on other things as much. I applied R&B to all my armor after I had painted it all with Rustoleum Metallic Silver and I think it turned out good because the paint helped to create a smooth surface after fine sanding it to prep for R&B. Plus if the R&B ever rubs off or scratches, you have a silver undercoating of paint to maintain the silver color.

Jango bucket 9-17-05.JPG

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Oh buddy, that armor and helmet are super nice. Yes, I should have told you I was looking Rub & buff, then you could have included them on the package. (by the way, the package is about arriving, I know is has already passed the customers)

Well, I could be interested. I´ll send you an e-mail.

On question, I used a Lacquer for acrylic pintures to all my silver armor pars. Is that
an disadvantage or it doesnt matter?

Well thanks !
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