Calling for help!


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Hey there everybody!

I've spent a few days lurking around here, amazed at some of the work I've seen, there're too many names to list all of the people whose websites have helped me so far. You guys are truly awesome, and I can't wait to join the ranks of Fett Fans with my costume.


I'm trying to create my very own Boba Fett costume from scratch, and am having trouble with the helmet. Most of the other stuff I got, and know how I'm going to do it, but..the helmet is pretty...difficult. I was hoping someone could hook me up with perhaps a tutorial on how some people make their helmets, or perhaps just show me the process here? I've come across some for Stormtroopers and such, using a 'Vacuuform' method. I believe this may work for my cause, seems a bit complicated...if that could work for a Fett helmet, could someone descibe how exactly that works?

Anyway, I thank you all in advance, and look forward to getting started on my...masterpiece?

:lol: buy a dp or rubies first... then save money for an msh...

:p no sorry, dont have a clue how to do that, cant you find a thread in the prop building technique section?
i made a helmet with a plexi-glas skeleton (plexi-glas can eb heated and bend) and then used tons of kit an fillin material... and it end up being a room-of-doomer.... vac forming or fiber0glas casting is tehw ay to go i guess...

make sure you show off ur progress (y) keep it up!!

I wasn't saying that I'm stuck in this 'vacuuforming' method. I'm open to pretty much anything.

Even if it's not entirely accurate, I'd like to have a helmet that I made, and that looks pretty nice, and goes with my costume.

Might there be a thread documenting your progress on this 'plexiglass' skeleton helmet?

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