CAboots sizing question


I've read a few of the past posts and people have said that the sizing is off a little. I wear a 11.5 in most shoes but according to the sizing chart they use, they recommend i get a 9 to 9.5. That sounds awfully small to me considering the size shoe i normally wear. When I called and asked them the size, they said go with a 9 or 9.5. I told them i have a narrow foot and a high arch to which they replied "you have a odd shaped foot and you'll need to send us your measurements". So can anybody tell me what size i should order? i'm confused now and they aren't really helping me out. Thanks, Bert
so they might be right then by saying i should order a 9.5. i'm thinking if they run big that i should order a 10. anybody wanna weigh in on this?
i have the same size caboots that i wear for regular shoes... but i have 2" internal lifts in the boots to give me some extra height. i don't imagine that would have worked out so well if the shoes weren't a bit big.

can you send them back if they don't fit? if so, all you lose is time.
I normally wear a size 10 and that's what I had for my first pair of CA Boots and they were a tad big!:facepalm My second pair I ordered a 9.5 and they fit perfect!:) So I would say go a "HALF SIZE" smaller and you should be good to go!(y)

cripes :facepalm I order a size 9.5 (second hand) and i am only a size 8. I guess i might have trouble :(

An extra pair of socks and some insoles might be in order :lol:
i have 2" internal lifts in the boots to give me some extra height. i don't imagine that would have worked out so well if the shoes weren't a bit big.

Ah ha :). Now i can reach that elusive 5'10". People will no longer say "jeez, i thought Boba Fett was taller than that".

I am not very tall, thats me in my avatar ;)
thanks for the tips guys!! i think i will order a 10. if they're small i can stretch them a little...and if not, i'll post them here in the cargo hold. thanks guys.
I wear a size 14 tennis shoe and I could fit into a pair of 12.5 from CA Boots. I think they run big, or else my feet just shrunk so that I wouldn't feel like I wasted my money.
I just got my CAboots yesterday... I normally wear a size 9.5. I ordered my boots in 8.5... they fit perfectly. I hope this helps!
got my CAboots today...and they're too small...they were right, i should've ordered the 9.5. as crazy small as that seems, i guess that's what i wear in their boot. so i'm gonna exchange them for the right size. so for me, i have to order 2 sizes smaller. weird. oh well, thanks for the input guys.
You ordered a size 10, they were too small; so you're going to order a size 9.5? That doesn't make sense.


For the record, I wear a 13, I ordered a 12 and they fit just fine ( although without a boba Fett Costume to go with them they look silly on me)
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sorry i meant to say i ordered a 10.5 and they were too BIG!! my fault. i guess i should've proofread my post. thanks for letting me know.
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