CA Boots

yea, i just got an email back from them about the boba boots. they are not my favorite, but, they ARE boba boots. they do look nice, don't get me wrong, but, there not movie accurate. BUT, THEY STILL ARE NICE LOOKING.
I don't know if they intentionally changed the boots to steer clear of LF or what, but they could have had some deceint boots if they were canvas with a 3 layer white foam sole, too bad.
Hey!!! This is awesome :D
Sure they could use a little weathering, and a painted sole, but hey we had nothing before. And uh.... that's me on their webpage :lol:
If they are made of the same leather as the stormtrooper boots, you can just go at them with some steel wool to dull the finnish. It worked on my boots.
That's true, they are cheaper. But mine are screen accurate.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking his boots. I, like many others, don't think leather is the way to go.

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